• Joslyn Thompson Rule

  • Editor-in-Chief

Fitness is our passion. We live, breathe and believe that a fit body, fit mind and the relentless pursuit to be better, every day, can move mountains. We are excited that today, this very second, you can make the decision to redefine yourself.  It is our purpose to educate and inspire you with our love for this decision to be better.   We will never stop lacing up our sneakers, squeezing out that extra rep, pushing through when we feel like stopping, or knowing when it is time to stop and take a moment.  We don’t know what is around the corner, but if we have our health, we are better able to deal with life.  Redefine yourself.  Be ready for life.

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When my body is strong I can do more.  I can run faster, lift more weight, recover quicker and move through  life better.  I choose to prepare my body in the best way I can to be better at life. I study what top athletes do to get strong, I figure if the best are doing it,  I should too.  I choose compound lifts like squats, cleans and deadlifts.  It turns out they have stood the test of time, so I don’t search for the latest and greatist.  What has worked, still works and will continue to do so.  Like I said, I train smart, you should try it out.


When my heart is fit, I am able.  I like to be able to run up the escalator, finish a race or just get through my day feeling energised.  I like fast pace, and it turns out that high intensity training gets you fit quick.  Intensity feeds positively into long distance, not vice versa.  This means I get fit quick and am even better at the long distance stuff when I need to be.


Stop for a minute…can you hear that pin drop? The likelihood is that you can’t because you live in a big city that goes and goes and goes.  So you have to force that pause.  You have to set time to slow your mind and let your body heal, so that it is ready for tomorrow, ready for your next challenge, ready for life.


I expect a lot of my body, I know it will work hard if I feed it in the right way.  Food feeds the strength I work hard for.  Food gives me the energy I strive for.  Food balances me so that even when I am resting it is preparing me for go time.  Food is the basis through which everything else can happen.