WLC-Seals-Fall2014-04 copyYou may or may not have heard of the whole life challenge, it is an 8 week food and lifestyle challenge. The platform is built in such a way that you can be part of a bigger team (work, friends, family) or just do it by yourself.

I have been aware of it probably for the last four years as it has been run by the crossfit box that I coach at, three times a year. Being fairly tight on my nutrition and general lifestyle health, I never felt the need take part.  However I bit the bullet this year and have joined a team and am absolutely loving it, for several reasons.

I love the accountability aspect, I am always accountable to myself but it feels good to be accountable to others also.  On days where I might have decided I’m too tired to do my mobility exercises for example, the challenge has made me do it as my score is not just my own, it contributes to the team score also.

So the challenge itself is pretty simple – you choose your level, Kickstarter, Lifestyle or Performance, and you are basically given a list of yes/no foods (the site itself has plenty of great recipes to give you ideas). You give yourself a score out of 5 each day for the food. You also then score your exercise (minimum of ten minutes a day); mobility (minimum of ten minutes a day); hydration; lifestyle (these are different each week); supplements (these are of your own choosing e.g. vitamin D) and reflections (reviewing your day). Alone these all seem like really simple things to do, but together, over the course of eight weeks, they make a massive impact.

I was having a discussion about this with someone today – 10 minutes of exercise seems like nothing, a lot of people would ask what is the point, seeking out a feistier alternative to brag about. Yet, the sheer consistency of 10 minutes a day, over 56 days is huge! This is what I love about the challenge – it’s about small, smart changes over time, that get amazing results.

I have embraced the challenge wholeheartedly and have even roped my poor mum into it, who is loving it incidentally.

They run three of these eight week challenges a year, the next one starting in September. I love it so much that I plan to coincide a little project I’m working on at the same time to complement it. Stay tuned!