So some of you may have noticed via social media, that I have been working on a project with Get The GlossProject Bikini. Now before you gasp in horror that a bikini project isn’t my style because I’m an all-year-round exercise gal, I have used the exact same principles in the guide that I do in training.

There is a strength element; a HIIT element; and of course a recovery element – yes I am still obsessed with recovery. It’s the very thing that allows you to train hard. Don’t do it and forget about the results!

The project is by know means a quick fix guide, we build slowly and there are recipe suggestions from nutritionist Zoe Stirling made tasty by chef Antonina Parker. It’s funny, at the launch last week (pictured above), myself and Antonina were talking about how food has gone kind of crazy and we’ve become slightly obsessed with “healthy” eating. Antonina doesn’t fall for what’s trendy; simple, delicious food, cooked from scratch, is, guess what…healthy! Not a chia seed in sight!

The guide is available for purchase from today at Get the Gloss. Have fun!