You may or may not have noticed that the start of a new year brings with it a war between resolution-ites and resolution-bashers. Lots of people getting their knickers in a twist about what everyone else is doing.

I am the first to admit that I am a goal-setting-wench, except for the last four or five months. A crazy August 2012 made me pare life back a bit and chill. It was probably the best thing I have done for myself in a long while.

Previously on the blog I would have focused on goal-setting and how you should start your year. But not everyone wants to sit down and set goals for the next twelve months. Some people almost have an allergic reaction to the mere mention of the word goal. It carries so much pressure with it…what if I fail?…what if people laugh at me?…who do I think I am setting such a goal? Asking yourself, what you would like to happen in 2014, feels like less pressure somehow.

I know what I would like to happen in my life in 2014. I also know that there is much that I cannot predict. What you do in 2014 is up to you. If a part of it makes you unhappy then it is up to you to change it. You are responsible for you.

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