I get asked this by so many of my female clients. Yes, they are hard. Why? Because they are a full body exercise. It’s not just about your arms and/or your chest. Your whole body needs to be working to execute this exercise effectively. When you are doing a proper push up, your legs, bum, deep core muscles and upper body are all working hard. It may take some time to develop the art of a proper push up for even one rep and even longer to do several, but one good rep is better than 50 bad ones. All good movement takes time and is more than worth it. You can check out the series from the old archive site here on how to get started on getting to a full push up.

The movement and executing it well is very important. Your consistency in working on this movement is what will make the difference. You need to commit to working on your push ups at least twice a week for at least 6-12 weeks to make a difference. So many women try to do push ups, find them hard and then resolve that they will be forever bad at them. Ahem! We recognise that you can get next day delivery from Amazon but that’s it, everything else, especially in the way of training, takes time!

Push ups, done well, are tough. They are not impossible. The difference between doing them well and not doing them (or doing them badly) is the time you commit to doing them right. Walking was hard before you could do it. If you stopped walking for any period of time, it would become difficult again. Don’t limit yourself. It’s actually not that complicated, but it does require patience.