The conversation goes a little something like this:

Jeannie: “Wow that class just killed me, the sweat was pouring off me. That has to be good for me!”
Trinny: “Yeah I totally worked my butt off, my back is a little sore but I loved it!”
Jeannie: “I know I just love being pushed so hard! I just don’t feel like I’ve had a good workout unless I really sweat” and off to work go Jeannie and Trinny, delighted with their workout!

I’m a big fan of working out, in fact sometimes I do two sessions in a day if my coach programmes it for me. Does sweat pour off me every session? No. Some sessions, yes, but not all.

I see perhaps more often than I would like, workouts being marked based on how dead you feel by the end of them. Gym goers spinning five times a week to see the pool of sweat beneath their bike applauding back at them! “Oh you’ve worked hard!”

The tricky thing is that it is rather easy to work someone really hard in a very short space of time. Get them to do 100 burpees or 100 squat jumps or press ups until they can’t peel themselves off the ground for one more rep! Anybody can get you to do that and you will feel pooped at the end. But what if your burpees suck, or your knees cave in and your spine collapses as you squat jump, or your elbows flare out when you do press ups? What, it doesn’t matter because you got a really good sweat on? Perhaps the workouts that you need the most, don’t make you sweat like crazy.

Look for quality in your workouts. Don’t think just because you are breathing hard that it must be amazing! If all of my workouts were sweat-fests, I would probably be a little weaker than I am now, I’d probably have more niggles than I might like and I would have less body awareness than I have. The more attention you pay to getting stronger and moving better, the better everything is, even sweat-fest sessions! Train smart FGs!