So this is how much water you have in your life:

Your body is made up of approximately 70% water.  Your blood is made up of approximately 85% water.  Your brain is made up of approximately 80% water.  Your muscles are made up of approximately 75% water.  Your cells are made up of approximately 90% water.  You are pretty dependent on water.

Of course the numbers vary from person to person but there’s no mistaking that we are made up of a LOT of water! And whilst we are obsessing over our diet it’s worth knowing that humans can survive four times as long without food than without water…holy moly…pass me the bottle!

Justin Lascek of sums it up pretty well – “Think about everything that occurs in your day. You wake up and try to have energy for work or school. You eat, train, do mobility, and sleep well because you want to get mega…Well, every one of those things will be hampered by a lack of hydration. Your food won’t be digested as well, your energy levels will subside, your training won’t be efficient, your joints, muscles, and fascia will be stiff and sticky, and you’ll generally reduce the quality of everything you do during the day. It’s all a result of the normal chemical reactions in your body not working as well since they’re scrounging for ingredients. If you’re going to spend all this time giving a shit about your training, then set yourself up to optimally succeed.” – Well said Justin!

Since I have been drinking more water, I definitely notice when I’m not getting enough usually in the form of tiredness or lack of motivation. Here are some other signs to look out for, although for me drinking more, highlighted very clearly times when I wasn’t getting enough. Kind of like when people say they survive fine on little sleep…yeah right, you just don’t know how great it feels to get 8 hours every night! Anyway, back to signs to look for:

Dark, yellow urine
Fast resting heart rate
Muscle soreness and cramping

So how much should you be drinking? Half of your bodyweight in ounces. I weigh 132lbs which means I need to drink 66oz/1.95L of water + 16-24oz/0.5-0.7L per hour of training = 82-90oz/2.45-2.65L each day, if I train for an hour. I get through between 3-4L per day at the moment and I really feel the benefit.