So in Part I, we ensured the focus was all on you and in Part II, we covered staying injury-free.  So now that you should be super prepared in the weeks leading up to the race, let’s think about race day! Eep!

1. Breakfast – having been virtuous in the weeks leading up to race day, this should be easy!  Obviously no time for experimenting with new recipes on race day, that could end in disaster!  I think a good pre-race breakfast would include a hearty bowl of porridge sprinkled with some berries and seeds.  But only have this if it is the type of thing you would usually have before a long run.

2. Snacking between breakfast and the race – keep some bananas and some nuts or seeds with you just to top up if you feel you need to before the race.  You may not want to, but it’s better to go prepared than not.

3. Gels during the race – distances that will have you racing beyond 60-90 minutes may require energy gels.  Try one out before the race on a training session to ensure you don’t have any reaction to it.

4. Music! If you’re listening to music I would have some really upbeat songs scheduled in and around the time you think the race will get tough, it will push you through!

5. Visualise! Spend a minute or two each day and focus a lot more on this in the few days prior to the race to visualise your success! Think about how you will be feeling as you power through that finish line.  Doing this will set you up for success!

6. The dreaded wall! Again, focusing on nutrition pre-race will minimise your chances of hitting that dreaded wall that you hear people speak of.  This may be a time where you feel like you are not sure you can finish the race and everything feels like a hard slog!  If this happens to you during the race, stay in the moment. Give yourself small goal posts to focus on such as, making it to the next signpost, then making it to the next one after that.  By focusing on these small measurable goals you will be through the wall before you know it, the moment will pass and you will forget it was even there!