In Beyond Training – Pre Race Prep Part I we covered how to prioritise yourself in the lead up to the race. Next, how are you feeling physically? Any aches and pains as you up your training? Here are some tips to make sure you recover well and your muscles are happy!

Stretch – take even 5-10 minutes to stretch at least every other day (daily would be amazing, obviously). Do this whilst watching TV, pre-workout, post-workout or any time you can fit it in.

Take an Epsom salt bath – if you don’t yet know the wonders of Epsom salts then you must try them, they are like a massage in a bath (perfect before bed also, as the magnesium will make you sleep like a baby!). Just add 500g to a bath and soak for 10-20 minutes. You can buy them from any regular pharmacy, approx £4 for a 3kg bag. Don’t be alarmed if the pharmacist asks you if you are constipated…Epsom salts can be taken orally for constipation, they relax your muscles in the same way they relax your bowels when ingested.

Have a massage – if something is really niggling you, have a sports massage, a little painful but good!

Ice – if you have a particular area e.g. ankle, knee etc. that is flaring up, then pop a bag of frozen peas on it for 5-10 minutes (with a dishcloth in between your skin and the peas/ice) just to cool any inflammation.