The training is the obvious part, right? You enter a race, the date whizzes round quicker than you might like and you find yourself at the start line before you know it. But what about the non-training lead up to the race? Wait, there is such a thing? Yes dear, the are several things you can focus on to have a better race day. Here’s what you need to think about a week or two before the race:

Time to be selfish! Prioritise, you, you, you! Your rest, recovery and general stress-free living are of utmost importance before the race. The more you can control now, the better prepared you are for any last minute hiccups e.g. disturbed sleep through nerves the night before the race won’t matter if you have had good sleep in the time leading up to it! Here’s your YOU plan…

1. Feel good about your training. If you need to make any tweaks to your training make smart choices and prioritise sessions you need to do to take that stress away from you.

2. Say no! If there is a decision that may interrupt how early you get to bed, or that 20-30 minutes you need to sit and calmly eat your meal to help your recovery, then say no…if you can!

3. Balance your macronutrients. Your body will thrive on a good balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate. Good sources of protein are grassfed/organic meat and fish, or beans and pulses if veggie/vegan; good sources of healthy fat are oily fish, avocado, coconut oil (excellent for cooking with) and some nuts (almonds and macademias the best); good sources of carbohydrate are plenty of colourful veggies, sweet potato and rice (you probably know how I feel about pasta!).

4. Drink water! Buy a big bottle at the start of each day and make sure you get through it by the end! Hydration is key!!

5. Get 7-8 hours sleep each night Ensure a good night’s sleep by doing the following:

o Switch off all laptops, phones, tablets, TVs, 30 minutes before bed to help you switch off
o Ensure there is no light in your room, even the LED light on an alarm clock can act as a stimulus as you sleep.
o Try to keep the room cool. Leaving the window ajar if you don’t live on a noisy road is perfect
o Jot down all of your to-dos for the next day so that they are not whirring around your head as you try to get to sleep.
o Keep coffee to a minimum of 1-2 a day with your last one at about 2pm the latest!

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