The Run in the Dark race 2014 is back and plans to be even bigger and better. First, why is this 5k/10k race taking pace in Dublin, Cork, Belfast, London and Manchester so close to my heart? As somebody who lives and breathes fitness, my body is my temple. I feel lucky to be able to push myself beyond where I think I can go because when I step out of bed each morning, I choose to use my body in the best way I can, because I can. The run has been set up by the Mark Pollock Trust. Mark and I were both rowers at Trinity College Dublin. The Mark Pollock Trust was set up after he fell from a second story window in 2010. He broke his back and the damage to his spinal cord left him paralysed. 12 years earlier, he lost his sight, just after he finished at Trinity. As the blind adventure athlete lay in hospital, now paralysed and broken, his supporters created Run in the Dark to fuel his ambition to walk again. A spinal cord injured pioneer, he is exploring the frontiers of recovery through aggressive physical therapy and robotic technology. The race gets bigger ad better each year, this is what it is doing for Mark:

Mark Pollock Trust from Mark Pollock Trust on Vimeo.

The race takes place on Wednesday 13th November at 7:30 pm at one of the official locations above, click here to enter. However you can create your own Run in the Dark event in your area. For your own event contact