How can you gain so much in so little time? You work your butt off when it’s ‘go time’ and then have adequate recovery. Good running speed can be built in as little as fifteen minutes when done correctly.

If you have already been running regularly and want to up your game it’s time to run fast. Real fast.

Speed training has a positive impact on your long distance training, builds muscle and saves time. Such benefits don’t come without a price though, the sprints should be hard.

A favourite no-brainer speed session is 400m repeats. They should give you butterflies in your stomach at the mere mention of them, but nothing else quite works as successfully as them. After a sufficient warm up, do the following:

400m sprint, then 200m walk/jog recovery

Repeat this 4-6 times.

You should aim for each of the 400m repeats to be within 5 seconds of one another time-wise e.g. don’t empty your tank on the first one and then drag your heels for the remaining. Part of this is so that you can gauge your pace also.