A Nike shoot took me to Berlin last week and much like one of my to-dos before a holiday, I was keen to find out whether: a) my hotel had a gym or not? b) if it did, was it decent? c) if not, where was the nearest one and what were the facilities, opening hours, costs etc.?

Instead I found myself scrambling on google with a distinct lack of deutsch-retention from GCSE German, hoping that I might find a gym to train out of, should my hotel gym be lacking.

And then I started thinking that there should be an app for that. There are a few apps that make my life way easier like the ‘bus times’ app so I can maximise frittering away time before I leave the house. And the ‘numbers’ app that houses more to-do lists than should ever be legal for one person to possess. Yes, I just wish some app-maker-person would come up with the genius idea of a find-me-a-gym type of app.

The app of my dreams would have the following:

*Gym name
*Opening hours
*Gym location and walking/jogging distance from my hotel
*Gym facilities, specifically whether there are free-weights or just machines (I get that suped up machines look all pretty but a girl needs to lift and so I need to know that barbells exist and that there might be somewhere I can do pull ups).
*Information on how I can work out there via day passes etc.
*class timetables should I want to squeeze in some yoga
*cafe facilities for a little post-workout refreshment…wait, this app is about to get crazy…

I wonder could I add to that all the locations of my favourite health food stores like Whole Foods, or just places where I could have a nutritious meal after I work out? And since I’m in a dreamy-creative kind of mood, what about adding places where I could get a great sports massage to get my aching muscles pummelled!

Ah, my dream app! Well, for now it doesn’t exist, so I will stick with google and google translate and see where that takes me.

*Image – dribbble.com