1. Ditch the alcohol the night before. As much as a nice glass of red might help to relax you at the end of a hard day, nothing will beat the clarity and energy you have if you bypass that tipple and unwind by reading a book or having a relaxing bath instead.

2. Schedule some downtime before you go to sleep. The more relaxed you are before you sleep, the better you will sleep. So no TV, laptop or tablet at least an hour before bed, give your mind a chance to switch off. Ensure that no light (even alarm clock LED lights) are visible when you sleep, these act as a stimulant that you can do without.

3. If you are a coffee lover, 1-2 cups-a-day is fine. Beyond that, whilst you may think it doesn’t affect your sleep, it does. Many coffee drinkers begrudgingly admit that after having reduced their caffeine, they sleep better and wake up brighter. That goes for tea drinkers too, caffeine is caffeine.

4. Stay hydrated. So much of morning grogginess can be simple dehydration. Ensure you drink 1.5-2 litres a day, and more if you are exercising.

5. Keep it cool. An airy room, makes for a good night’s sleep. Leaving the window slightly ajar will make all the difference. Add to that some air-purifying plants that will clean the air as you sleep. If you live on a busy road, invest in some silicone earplugs, a dream for urban dwellers!