Once we get over the, “is my breath going to smell?” fear of eating too much garlic, we can appease ourselves knowing that we are dosing up on its goodness and embracing full health. Allicin, released from garlic when it is crushed/chopped has amazing cancer fighting properties. It is known to have anti-cancer, blood pressure lowering and antibacterial effects.

However, Jo Robinson , author of Eating on the Wild Side, says that if we add patience as another ingredient to our cooking, we can avail of all of the healthy benefits of garlic. Once chopped, adding garlic to high heat straight away can destroy the allicin produced, leaving us with, well, the breath-memory of garlic that we all fear so much. However, if we leave it to sit for just 10 minutes before exposing it to heat, the allicin is not destroyed by the high temperature. This simple change to the order of your cooking will make your dish an antioxidant feast!