Chantalle and I met virtually, over 10 years ago, crossing paths as English language teachers, in a small little fishing village in Japan.  Despite never having actually met in person, we have stayed in touch over the years.

Having just competed her first Tough Mudder challenge, and survived, I thought it was time to feature this Canadian Fit Girl.

FGSo how was the Tough Mudder, more importantly, did you get any electric shocks?

CJI’m happy to report that I didn’t get shocked during either of the electric obstacles and that TM was so much fun. Not as hard as I had expected it to be…more of a test of endurance. The biggest issue I had was being cold.  You’re constantly getting wet,  on top of it being a bit overcast and cool up in the mountains. I would definitely do it again!

FGWhat’s your day job when you are not roughing it out in the mountains?

CJI have two jobs. The first is as a health librarian at a hospital working with, physicians, clinical staff and allied health. I help these professionals with their research needs, and provide them with the evidence based resources they require for their professional development and procedure/best practice/administrative decision making endeavours.

The second job is as an Information Specialist where I source out and obtain legal and business reporting documents for the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) to “catch thieves.” The BCSC enforce securities compliance, prevent investment fraud and promote good business.

FGWow, you’re a busy girl!  What time does your day start and where does exercise fit into that? 

CJMy day starts at 5:30am. I have a dog so I make sure that I exercise her for at least 30-45 minutes in the morning. So, I either walk and throw her ball during my “off” (non-working out) days, or run between 3-5km with her.

If I’m too tired in the morning, I  exercise after work with my dog.

FGWhat does your weekly fitness regime involve? 

CJI work out 4, preferably 5 days a week.   Generally, I’m not a fan of the formal gym but I’ll use some of the strength training equipment or the treadmill, if the weather is simply horrendous or too cold outside. My boyfriend luckily has a gym in his building, so I use that one. I’ve never really been to a public gym as of yet. I usually prefer to work out outside, rain or shine as follows:

Monday : rest

Tuesday : 90 minutes during my evening Running Clinic – interval and speed track running, or hill training

Wednesday/Thursday : (with my dog) morning 3-5km run, with 15 minutes strength. I like the “you are your own gym” types of exercises. I have a covered outdoor stadium that I run to and do the following variety of sets: 50 push ups, 25 forward lunges, 25 backward lunges; 2.5 minutes each of front, left-side, right-side planks; 50 tricep dips, 50 romanian deadlifts, 50 crunches, 50 mountain climbers, 25 box jumps, 50 squats, 25 shoulder push ups, 10 chin ups, and so forth.

Friday : 60-90 min Yoga (Hatha or Ashtanga)

Saturday : 10-12 km run (I am gradually upping the distance as I’m working on my endurance)

Sunday : About 90 minutes: between 5-10km run with Wednesday/Thursday type of strength exercises, and obstacles – there is a local park that we go to that has 6 and 10 ft walls which we do a number of reps climbing over.

During the winter, I spend about 3-5 hours/week snowshoeing in the mountains.

FGErm, I think I love your life!!  What is your favourite exercise? 

CJRunning and snowshoeing as I tend to get lost in thought and daydream/meditate. There are so many awesome running routes in the Vancouver where you can do mountain trail running, city seawalls, lakes and forested parks.

FGI think I need to move to Vancouver!  What kind of music do you listen to when working out? 

CJI have an eclectic mix of music and my mood always changes, so my music does too.  My music ranges from pop guilty pleasures, to punk rock, to electronica/dance. And sometimes I don’t even need music because there is so much stimuli outside where I work out.

FGAnd I repeat, I think I need to move to Vancouver!  Finally, what foods keep you healthy?

CJI basically eat the same thing every breakfast and lunch during the week days.

Breakfast : 2 boiled eggs and either oatmeal or plain greek yoghurt with granola.

Lunch : fruit smoothie with a banana, kiwi, 1/3 cup mixed berries, 1/4 avocado, 1/3 cup strawberries, 1/3 pineapple, 1/3 cup plain greek yoghurt.

Dinner : can consist of salad, pasta, salmon, roast chicken, vegetable stir fry, tofu.