Wouldn’t it be glorious to have someone cook every last meal for you each day? You don’t have to think about it, just eat and enjoy! Now whilst most of us can’t afford our very own personal chef, there are other options.

We trialled Soulmatefood’s Performance Plan for three days. We like what they have to say about their service: 

Innovative lifestyle menus, hand created for the individual and delivered straight to your front door. Soulmatefood is about being healthy, inside and out. Gourmet, delicious and nutritious meals and snacks prepared specifically for you, whatever your goal. This is health food, but not as you know it.

I will confess that with a pretty clean diet and my nutrition dialled in, I wasn’t sure what this food delivery company would be able to offer. By the end of first day, Soulmatefood definitely had the FG seal of approval. Not surprisingly we later found out, that the Lancashire based company like to keep things local and organic where available.  Their main ingredients are locally sourced from award winning butchers and greengrocers – We could taste that!

Soulmatefood have expanded their Sports Kitchen range to, Performance, Endurance and Low Carb. We’re also pretty excited about their 3 day protein-based Muscle Cleanse (loving that they get the whole protein keeps you lean concept – hallelujiah!!). We fear they sensed our excitement as they have given us a discount code for the cleanse. Just enter ‘FITGIRL50‘ when ordering to get £50 off the cleanse. Oh yes please!

We’re also planning a trip to their restaurant Soulmatefood Kitchen on the 5th floor at Harrods. Fancy going there to refuel after a little exercise session? We think they’ll have it covered!