Boris Bike

Many a trip to Paris made me long for London to be home to a city-bike scheme, and then came the Boris Bike! The underground sucks in summer, if you are not rooted in the armpit of a less than fresh individual you may find yourself in the midst of a heated row between hot and bothered commutors wanting to get home. I’ve long touted the benefit of killing two birds with one stone, so why not ride home, or at least, out of the busy part of your journey instead? Perhaps with sweat in your own armpit, but not with your nostril in the pit of another!

track 1

Athletics Track

London is inundated with running tracks for you to shimmy around whether you are doing 100m, 200m, 400m or 800m repeats. Invariably there is always some sort of spectator stand which ta da!…doubles up as a perfect stair-sprint opportunity. Did I mention track repeats and stair sprints burn like hell but are ridiculously effective?

gym outdoors1

Park Gym

Nothing pleases me more than seeing park gyms being used and regularly! It’s a sign that councils are mindful that being free to move, should be free for everyone. My local park has a perfect pull up and dip station, right next to a hill! Push ups, pull ups, burpees, dips and hill sprints anyone? What, you didn’t think a park gym would challenge you?