I met Nkeiruka whilst training a group of girls for the Nike We Own the Night 10k, although Nkeiruka already had a half-marathon in her sights, three weeks into our 8-week training programme.

Incredibly nervous and focused for her half-marathon Nkeiruka promised she would give herself a little clap at each mile. This was her first half-marathon and these small acknowledgements at each milestone (literally) were mini-celebrations to keep her going along the way. I thought this was genius!

It got me thinking when talking to a client of mine, who has now lost 27lbs of the total 50lbs she wants to lose. Up until now she has enjoyed the weight-loss in itself, I suggested she give herself £5 for every pound lost thereafter. Again, just a little celebratory acknowledgement for her commitment to herself!

These mini rewards are great ways to keep you going especially when the going gets tough. Why celebrate just achieving your goal? Whilst reaching your goal is obviously an amazing feat in itself, these mini self-high-fives may just be what you need to get you there. The first mile or pound will always be so much easier than the last, but every single one is as important as the other along the way.

There are so many areas that you can apply this mini-self-reward system to, in all areas of your life. So thank you Nkeiruka for the clap tip! So simple yet completely genius!