We are sure there is some study somewhere that tells you working out at 3:58pm on the 4th Tuesday of every month, is the optimal time to work out.  But being a city dweller it’s likely that you squeeze your fitness in when you can.  And guess what kind of time that is?  It is the perfect time for you to work out because it is when you can work out.  Glorious.  Who knew it could be that simple?  Mine fair felines, we do love to complicate the day-to-day.

So yes, the statement is as follows: The best time of the day for you to work out, is when you can work out.

A revelation, non?  Imagine such common sense violating your very thoughts on fitness excellence. So if you have time to work out in the morning, do it.  The afternoon, do it.  The evening, do it.  There are even 24-hour gyms open, if you feel the need to get some sprints in at midnight – never on my personal agenda just quietly but you catch my drift.


Image Credit: dotcomgiftshop.com